Our mentors are an integral part of The Spring Konstant. They provide us with expertise in all aspects of engineering, robot building, business planning, and social media. We are also fortunate to have mentors that have years of experience in FIRST. Our mentors guide us and give us the opportuity to learn and grow.

2019 Mentors (Left to right):
Top Row: Marguerite Erickson, Dr. Jeff Erickson, John Adams, Kathy Shepherd

Second Row: Mark Lohman, Eli del Angel, Mike O’Brien, Dr. Mark Miller

Third Row: Dave Wilson, Brandon Parsons, Martha Yim

Fourth Row: Cindy Bryant, Nikki Loftin, Joel Starling

Fifth Row: Holly LaRock, Dr. Phil Garcia, Paul Cochrane

Not pictured: Dr. Kristen Adams, Amanda Salom

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