FRC 2017 Game

This year for the Spring Konstant!

2017 has been our rookie-year in the FRC league. Prior knowledge of the sport was at first limited but being eager learners, by quickly adapting our team was able to achieve many great feets. We were able to win the rookie all-star award at our first competition, qualifiying us for world champsionships.

At our second competition we were able to get all the kinks worked out of our robot. We managed to change several crucial system to our robot, between rounds, at speeds only rivaled by professional F1 pit crews. At our second competiton we were also able to win the waco regional, with our alliance, qualifying us for world’s twice.

At world championships we meet teams from around the world, with the team on our left being from Taiwan and the one our right from Brazil. This introduction to a variety of different cultures, and peoples, helped to improve the communication skills of everyone on the team. At worlds we did not advance to finals. However, we did win Rookie inspiration world. We were one of 4 American terams to recieve this award.

2017 was a great year, and we are looking forward to the next!

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