About Torsion

Torsion was our team’s second year robot built for the FIRST robotics Power Up challenge! It’s specialties were collecting Power Cubes and placing the cube on the scale and the switch. With Torsion, we were able to advance all the way to the FIRST World Championships held in Houston for a second year in a row!

FIRST Robotics UIL State Competition, Austin, Texas, May 18-19 2018.
Torsion attempting to place a cube on the switch at 2018 Championships

Torsion’s main feature is a pneumatic arm that is capable of lifting a power-cube over 7 feet into the air, as well as place the cube onto the scale. It is also capable of playing the vault in FIRST’s “Powerup” game mode.

Our pit crew and drive team with Torsion. (Alamo Regional, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, 2018)

Torsion’s drive train is robust. When its arm failed during the Lubbock Regional, our team was still able to be useful to our alliance by disrupting the enemy alliance’s actions. At one point, an announcer said very enthusiastically “Spring Konstant with the heavy defense,” which has become a persistent in-joke among our team members.

Our drive team and human players escort Torsion to the field before a match. (Alamo Regional, 2018)
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